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“God Bless You”

March 13, 2009

The only thing worse than ignoring a bum, is ignoring a bum and then hearing him request that God bestow blessings upon you.


The Extended Gaze

March 12, 2009

If you were planning on getting into a staring contest with a bum, think again.

While cursing the ride home on the subway, I looked up only to be greeted by the transfixed eyes of some guy wearing a 1996 Giants windbreaker, with no shoes, and less than stellar credit.  Gazing into the depths of my soul, his blank expression was so paralyzing I barely noticed he was only wearing Splinter boxers.  As in, the 5 foot tall, Japanese American Rat sensei of the Turtles.  But more startling than his wardrobe selection was his unwavering glare.

Because the homeless are void of concern for social norms, violating the rule of ‘no staring at other people ‘ is of no consequence.  Which is why, to re-affirm this directive, I stare right the f*ck back.  And unless they’re totally bat shit, they get the point.

The Shopping Cart

March 12, 2009


The day the shopping cart was invented, bums were amped.

Can you imagine transporting ten thousand cans, 4 ominous looking hefty garbage bags filled with God knows what, a blanket and a sign, by hand?  Me neither.

But what really leaves me in a pickle is when I notice abandoned shopping carts filled will Homeless goodies on the sidewalk.   Are these guy’s so shit sh*t hammered they don’t realize they’re leaving behind everything they own? That be like buying a box, dumping your life savings, house keys, wallet and cell phone in it, and slowly walking away never to return.  And are other Homeless too good for these discarded treasures?  Beats me.

Dubious F-nails

March 2, 2009


Make Shift Percussion Set

March 2, 2009


I was once naive enough to believe that buckets were used for transporting water.  Boy was I wrong.

Another hidden talent of the bum sect is the ability to bang on hard plastic.   Fortunately for them, I’m a sucker for a solid beat that I can snap my finger to.  Sure, it can be difficult at times for them to keep rhythym given their astronomical B.A.C. levels.   And no, commuters aren’t exactly welcoming to this racket at 7 am.  But one look into that bum’s fiery eyes is enough to melt your disdain away, only to be replaced with sheer bilwiderment as to how this guy manages to carry around 6 XL buckets with no car or metro card.

Scratch Ticket Lotto

February 27, 2009


As I schlep through the streets on a Saturday morning in aqua colored sweatpants I’ve owned since high school, a skull cap, Pea Coat, and Uggs slippers my girlfriend bought me that I’ve since pissed in while blacked out, the only thing on my mind is buying a Win For Life ticket from the bodega. Though I am not alone.

Particularly fond of chances to win free large sums of money, the homeless find solitude in corner grocery stores by the lotto section. My only gripe is, I’ve yet to figure out why they limit their opportunity for windfall profits to scratch tickets and no other form of the lottery. Did their broker not sit them down and explain the importance of diversification? Mine did. My only hunch is that in order to find out whether or not you’ve won classic lotto you need a television – apparently an automatic deal breaker for street dwellers.

Nonetheless, I am comforted to know that my affinity for throwing away 2 dollars is shared by many.

Bone Dry Humor

February 27, 2009

Believe it or not, lurking beneath the scent of whiskey and overgrown mane on every bum is a rock solid brand of comedy.   While Dane Cook singlehandedly ruins stand-up, America’s derelict populace has me in non stop  stitches.  Perhaps its because, unlike most,  I’m willing to stomach a little odor for a strong joke.   Or maybe its that these brave comics offer a refreshing perspective amidst a sea of depressing short stories on cardboard. Whatever the reason, homeless people, I salute you for it.